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New Patients

It is simple to schedule yourself as a new patient. Make the call and our friendly staff will assist you.

Please download the patient forms below, fill them out and bring them in on your first visit. We look forward to serving you.


1Does Physical Therapy hurt?
Our trained physical therapists with 17 years of combined experience have handled all sensitive cases with care and diligence. Constant feedback is given between patient and therapist. So that no one experiences discomfort on their road to rehabilitation.
2How long does it take?
Each case is unique but generally a schedule of three times a week can handle most therapy cases.
3Is it expensive?
All insurances cover physical therapy and your insurance will be pre-qualified before care is given. If you are uninsured our reasonably cash rates apply.
4I don't like to exercise, how much will I be doing?
75% of the therapy does not involve exercise and the other 25% is given with your specific condition in mind.